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Finale to our 2007 production of The World Premiere Of  FAME FOREVER

Forthcoming Auditions

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The Audition Process

Who Can Audition?

All auditions are open, and advertised in the press and via our Website. There is generally an audition fee (currently £5).

The normal age for full Apollo Players membership is 16, although some productions feature children and will be advertised separately.

Who will audition you on the day?

The audition is in front of a Panel which consists of the Director/Choreographer, the Musical Director and two or three Club Directors and Associate Directors. In addition, there may be up to 10 in your group with the next group sitting in for experience. Although this may sound a bit daunting, everyone is there to support auditionees and help them do their best.

What will you do on the day?

On arrival you'll be asked to complete a Membership Form and pay the audition fee. Usually there will be a seating area where you will be asked to wait until it's time for your group to audition.

Each auditionee is asked to sing a song. Depending on the type of show this may be a specified song or a song of your choice. If you do choose your own song, it is best to stick to something you know well and is not too difficult. It can be any song - it doesn't need to be a show song - although they can be good to show off your voice - just make sure it is in the key that suits your voice!

If you don't know the words it would be best if you made a copy. When you sing your audition piece you will be standing in the middle of the floor where it is felt you can give a better audition.

You will told the outcome of your audition after everyone in your group has sung. In some cases if you are dancer rather than a singer you may be allowed to come back to undertake a Dance Audition, you can make a note of this on the Membership Form.

Well Done you made it!! - What happens next?

Welcome - If you have a successful Club Audition, you are then eligible to become a member of the Apollo Players. You will be issued with a contract which will be signed by you and a Director of the Club. You must pay you membership fee (currently £50 for adults, £40 for students and £30 for children per production) either on the day of your successful audition or in instalments (needs to be agreed with the membership secretary). You must have paid your membership in full before you can audition for a Principal role.

Principal Auditions:

All Principal roles are open to members who have gone through the club audition and paid their membership fee.

Copies of dialogue test pieces and songs will be made available. The Musical Director will go over all Principal singing audition pieces and the Director will describe what is being looked for in terms of the characters involved. Some Principal roles also require a Dance Audition and if so this will be taught by the Director / Choreographer.

Some people like to dress up for the part when auditioning and this is acceptable if it helps you get into character. It is not necessary to memorise songs and dialogue by heart, but it can help you focus on giving a better audition. The Apollo Players provide experienced performers to read in at auditions, and you can ask them you come up beside you if this helps. You will be asked on your membership application form if you are prepared to understudy a role.

The results of the Principal Auditions are usually announced at the next full Club Rehearsals. Occasionally some auditionees may be recalled for a further audition. Only in exceptional circumstances, where a part cannot be cast within the Club, will The Apollo Players go outwith to ask someone to come in and play a part.

Equal Opportunities

The Apollo Players are firm believers in equal opportunities, and are committed to encouraging new talent. All auditions are externally advertised, and open to all regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, disability or sexuality. In terms of auditions, the policy is that the most talented individuals get through and, in casting principal roles, the best person gets the part regardless of previous experience.

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