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Dress Rehearsal photograph from our 2005 production of OKLAHOMA!

Membership Cost

Following a successful addition each member must pay a Membership Fee.

What is the cost of the Membership Fee?

Currently the Membership Fee for each show is:

£40.00 for adults

£40.00 for students (on production of a valid student card)

£30.00 Students / Unemployed


What is my Membership Fee used for?

Your Membership Fee is used to fund many costs associated with each production, such as:

  • Production Licence Fee - The fee the club must pay to the rightsholder in order to stage the show

  • Rehearsal Studio

  • Rehearsal Music

  • Tuition

  • Show Costumes

  • Theatre Venue Hire

  • Theatre Staff Hire

  • Show Orchestra / Musician Fees

  • Advertising / Publicity Material

Are there any other financial commitments I should I expect as a member?

Once you have signed the Membership Contract you agree to sell a quota of tickets for the show - this quota is currently £350 worth of tickets.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic rehearsal facility so to help the club remain in its current location and to maintain the building, we ask that once per week - (usually a Wednesday evening) each member makes a small contribution of £5.00.

There may be an occasion depending on the nature of the show where we may ask you to provide your own costume for a particular scene. 

If you are lucky enough to get a principal role, you will need to pay a refundable deposit of £25 for your script.

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